As winter draws to a close…

Marissa and Chris Pinto were raised in a very musical family. With parents who are great music enthusiasts, these young people were constantly nourished with the classics varying from The Beatles to Sheryl Crow, from Bowie to The Rolling Stones, from Barnsey to Farnsey. Many a family holiday was spent in the back of the ford station wagon while their parents belted out interesting music, some groups more interesting than others!
This musical education allowed for a love of a great variety of musical styles, and this is integral to the unique sound that Winters End possess. With music that is unpredictable, yet simplistic, varied yet catchy, it mixes to leave you with innovative, modern and sophisticated songs that will keep you interested.
Both Marissa and Chris are experienced musicians. Chris is an accomplished drummer who is constantly changing beats to keep things moving, to keep the audience interested and tapping along. A drummer since the young age of 10 he will keep you guessing and listening for more.
Marissa began her song-writing career from a young age and has come a long way from the humble melodies of a teenager. An experienced pianist, she has been playing for 23 years. With experience on the guitar, bass, clarinet, drums and with recent moves to the synthesizer, her playing technique has also advanced greatly.
Marissa began her live-performance career in 2008 when she took the Sydney pub scene by storm as a soloist. Receiving rave reviews from her debut performance, Marissa was soon a regular live-performer. With a video that ranked number 1 on channel U (Channel V) for two weeks in April 2009 for her song ‘Song for the Departed’, Marissa enjoyed success in her two-year solo career.
Up until recently Marissa was the lead singer and synth player for Sydney band St. Abbey. Since the band’s split in early August 2011 Marissa has continued to compose, and is excited about her new endeavour with Winters End. With copious songs and integrative and innovative beats from her talented brother Chris, these two are a duo to watch in 2011/2012.
With an East Coast Australia tour planned for January 2012, Winters End are looking forward to getting out there on the road!

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