Video shoot, radio interview and debut gig

Chris, Marissa and new member Anthony are hoping to have a video up soon for their debut single Ta Te Te Ta Te Ta. The shoot should take place this week which will give fans a chance to hear what they’re all about. Ta Te Te Ta Te Ta has received rave reviews from distinguished listeners who claim that it is the ‘best song that Marissa has ever written’. With an amazing drum track written by Chris, and an eclectic synth part combined with provocative vocals, this song is indicative of what Winters End are capable of producing.

Introducing: Anthony Lazarou, who joins Winters End on the bass guitar with his well-written bass line that rhythmically compliments Ta Te Te Ta Te Ta. Winters End are excited to produce this song for listeners to hear, and are aiming to have an active presence on YouTube as soon as possible.

Winters End have also received many ‘likes’ on their facebook page over the weekend. Whilst gearing up for their radio interview on Radio SkidRow on Thursday the 13th of October at 5pm, the band has generated some interest, and have received overwhelming support from their fans. The interview which will be encompass live performances of six songs is an exciting prospect that the band is excited about.

Winters End were also approached by management and promoters at the Whitehouse Hotel in Petersham over the weekend, with an offer of a debut gig at the venue. Regularly practicing at the hotel, management have been notably impressed with the band’s new sound and aim to have Winters End performing regularly as a house band at the hotel. Excited by this prospect, the band are avidly rehearsing for their debut gig which is set to be on Friday the 7th of October at 8pm. Details to be confirmed.

Winters End has truly come and spring has definitely sprung. With warmer weather, the band is looking forward to their Sydney-Melbourne Tour planned for mid January to plug their EP Universe.

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