Annandale Hotel here ‘WE’ come!

Well our debut gig at Kelly’s was a big success. We had a lot of fun and performed six of our songs. Whilst understandably nervous we are very excited to announce our second gig this Sunday the 9th of October at the Annandale Hotel. We will be on the main stage at 12:30pm. With two newly composed songs, bringing our set length to 40 minutes, we are excited to rock the stage for our now 208 fans! We hope that some of them will be there in support!

Winters End (WE) also thank everyone again for their overwhelming support on facebook! 208 likes over only two weeks is amazing! We are also encouraged by our vid ‘Philanthropist’ receiving 182 views over the same period of time!

With plans for recording of our EP in November (the studio is booked!) we are looking forward to getting on the road mid 2012 with our East Coast Tour from Sydney to Melbourne. The three of us can’t wait to get out there and do what we love, and are looking forward to all the new friends we will meet on the way.

With Sydney weather appearing finally to be clearing up, Winters End is truly here. Have a great weekend everyone!



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